Monday, June 27, 2016


The Perpetual Myth Machine

One of the greatest myths believed and espoused by most who dominate media, education, entertainment and politics in general, is the belief that leftism by nature is the default perspective of rebellion. In the name of "revolution" the mob and it's facilitators perennially demand more centralized authority to rein in the free beliefs, actions, and interactions of individual citizens.

It is the faux rebel who perpetually demands that citizen's lives be micro-managed for some abstract "collective good" and through the ages, the puppeteer is the same old entrenched control freak he or she has always been.

While many young people percolate up through the partisan echoes that tell them they are somehow rebelling by supporting the entrenched forces that seek control of all aspects of society, a time comes when most come to see through the bullshit and realize the the only true rebellion is one which breaks chains...not fastens them.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Semantics and Perpetual B.S.

Deliberately omitting specific labels like, "radical Islamic terrorism" is an oddly evasive maneuver and everyone knows it. In WWII we didn't refer to The war with Nazism as a "war against bad people." Certainly defining the threat accurately isn't a "strategy" and no one has implied that. The clear and deliberate omission on the part of the president and other assorted left wing ideologues frames a very real threat by radical Islamists (tied closely to a specific religious belief system) as an ill-defined escape route for those who can't come out and "tell it like it is." "...Man caused disasters...workplace violence..." Really! Do Obama and his followers really think people are that stupid.

This issue is similar to those that see a virtual equivalency between an extremist who bombs an abortion clinic and a global state sponsored terror network that seeks the death and subjugation of millions. I know of no nut-case militia groups or anti-abortion fanatics that seek nuclear weapons and the imposition of a style of government that controls all aspects of modern life with an end goal of subjugating the entire planet.

This emperor has no clothes.

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